Thuraya Value Added Services

Helping you get in touch


Our range of Value Added Services include:


  • Thuraya Short Code Services: Thuraya Short Codes are special short telephone numbers that are designed to be easier to read and remember. Short codes are associated with value-added services such voicemail, call-me back and other Thuraya mobile and Customer Care services. To view a list of short code numbers for your Thuraya handset, please click here.

  • Free Web-SMS: Access the web-SMS platform from your computer and start sending messages to Thuraya phones free of charge! Click here to use the service.

  • Thuraya Cloud Refill: If you are a Thuraya Service Partner or distributor, you can now purchase prepaid airtime credit in bulk online and distribute it either directly to your end users or through your own distribution network. For more information, please click here.

  • Thuraya Call Me Back: Stay connected even if you have no remaining Thuraya airtime credit. Using this service, you can send SMS messages to other handsets using Short Code 1755, requesting a call back.

  • Thuraya Missed Call & Voice Mail Services: Make sure that you don’t miss a call: even if your Thuraya handset is switched off, you are outside the Thuraya coverage area or on another call. Thuraya Missed Call Service automatically sends an SMS advising of a missed call and lists the time of the call and the telephone number; Thuraya Voice Mail Service allows the caller to leave a voice mail.

  • Thuraya Test Call Service: Your satellite phone needs to be in optimal working condition when you need it. Dial 11 11 2 to test your Thuraya phone. For more information, please click here.

  • SMS to Email: Send SMS messages anytime via email, without needing a PC, modem connection or internet subscription. With a simple process that requires no special activation, you can send these via a Thuraya handset while outdoors, travelling in a vehicle or using a Thuraya Indoor Enabler.